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    Hi all,

    i want to create a new instance on server: I've already two
    instances on this server.
    The install fail with the error message:ORA-12560

    Please help

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    ORA-12560 is a networking issue. Check you listener.ora and tnsnames.ora files.
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    I got this info from another forum. Hope this is helpful!
    error 12560 is a very basic and generic error mostly the issue is oracle_sid. to solve this, you may need to poke around a lot of things.

    1. Are u using windows terminal services? if so there are some known issues with that. From the docs*************

    2. - If the drive is NTFS then check the permissions on the drive or oracle home to be sure SYSTEM has full control on all subdirectories and files.

    - Be sure the instance is started Goto Start-->Settings--> Control Panel-->Services and check if the database service is started.

    - Be sure the ORACLE_SID is set in the registry correctly. Goto Start button-->RUN-->type regedt32--> Goto the following directory tree within the registry - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> ORACLE - highlight ORACLE - look on the left side look for ORACLE_SID = To change you can highlight ORACLE_SID - right click on your mouse and select modify. Enter the SID. The above is only valid when using DEFAULT_HOME, when you have another home then you need to highlight that HOME under ORACLE key usually HOME1-HOMEx - No spaces can be entered after the = when setting ORACLE_SID at the DOS Prompt, set oracle_sid=xyz should be used and not set oracle_sid = xyz.

    - If you have verified that ORACLE_SID is properly set, and the service is running, yet you still get an ORA-12560, then it is possible that you have created an instance with a non-alphanumeric character. The Getting Started Guide for Oracle8i on Windows NT documents that SID names can contain only alphanumerics, however if you attempt to create a SID with an underscore or a dash on Oracle8i you are not prevented from doing so. The service will be created and started successfully, but attempts to connect will fail with an ORA-12560.

    - If doing the above and the error still occurs on a new instance creation then the createdb scripts did not run correctly.
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    Thank's all.
    I resolve the problem as Shyamala Sathiaseelan told me.
    That was terminal services problem.


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