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    Hi All,

    I am running an .plb file at SQL*Plus that contains over 70 wrapped procedures. I get the following error for a particular procedure.

    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 391296 bytes (PLS non-lib hp,PAR.C:parchk:ptb)

    The error does not occur if only the single procedure is created.

    Database info: version 8.1.6 on Windows NT
    db_block_size = 8192
    sort_area_size = 65536
    sort_area_retained_size = 65536

    db_block_buffers = 2048

    shared_pool_size = 15728640

    large_pool_size = 614400
    java_pool_size = 20971520

    Please help..


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    From metalink:

    This is happening because your process memory is getting exhausted. The possible solutions would be

    - Increase the ulimit ( virtual memory ) to unlimited.
    % ulimit -a would give you the current settings.

    - Decrease the SGA size, if it is set to a very large value. This is required if you are hitting the address space limits.

    - You may also try decreasing the parameters like sort_area_size , bitmap_merge_area_size , create_bitmap_area_size .

    - You can also free up the unused PGA memory by running the procedure dbms_session.free_unused_user_memory..

    If your application uses lots of PL/SQL tables, it might be a good idea to initialize them to NULL when not used. This will force
    the garbage collection and there by freeing up the process memory.

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    Are you using Java on Oracle? If no then why do you require such a big Java_pool_size? Set it to 0 and increase the shared_pool_size/large_pool_size.

    Shyami.S.Seelan, OCP 8i, 9i DBA
    Dublin, Ireland.

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