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Thread: AIX 5.1 issues

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    Hi All,

    We are considering running 8.1.7 (32 bit) on AIX 5.1. This is a certified configuration, however I was wondering if anyone was using this or knew of any issues with this configuration?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Where did you see that 8.1.7 is certified on AIX 5.1?

    We are installing a new IBM p670 with the AIX 5.1L OS and hear from both IBM and from Oracle that only Oracle 9i release 2 is certified?

    It would be better if we could install 8.1.7 to avoid having both a new OS and a different Oracle release to contend with at once.

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    This is from oracle website. Oracle 817 (64 bit ) which is not supported on AIX 5L.

    Certify - Certification Matrix: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition on IBM AIX 5L
    Server Certifications
    OS Product Status
    5.1 (5L) 9.2 (9i) 64-bit Certified
    5.1 (5L) 9.0.1 (9i) 64-bit Not Planned
    5.1 (5L) 8.1.7 (8i) 64-bit Not Planned
    5.1 (5L) 8.1.7 (8i) Certified
    Copyright (c) 1995,2000 Oracle Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Legal Notices and Terms of Use.

    Additional Info:
    Operating System: IBM AIX Version:5.1 (5L)
    Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition Version: 8.1.7 (8i) 32 BIT
    Status: Certified

    Product Version Note:

    Terminal Oracle8i release
    To obtain Patch Sets from MetaLink, click the "Patches" button to the left.
    Certification Note:

    Existing patch sets: (without JDBC), (includes JAVAVM, Context and JDBC),

    Oracle 8i 32-bit on AIX 5L (5.1)
    Kernel modes AIX 5.1 introduces the option to run the AIX kernel in 64-bit mode. This mode is not supported, as Oracle 8i uses at least one 32-bit kernel extension.
    AIX-based systems must be booted with kernels in 32-bit mode.

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