Hello DBAs:

Logged in as SYS and created this trigger..

create or replace trigger session_trace
after logon on database
if user = 'COTPROD'
execute immediate 'alter session set sql_trace=true';
execute immediate 'alter session set timed_statistics=true';
execute immediate 'alter session set max_dump_file_size=unlimited';
end if;

After that when I log in as COTPROD and check the session variables using "show parameters" I can see timed_stats and max_dump_file as desired and not sql_trace.. WHY ??

Moreover, as soon I create the trigger in my /udump I can see about 10 trace files generated every minute... I looked at them and they all contain normal information. No errors..

My goal is to trace a huge procedure that runs for few hours overnight and I wonder how I would trace it, with these problems..

Thanks, ST2000