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Thread: Public synonym on fuctions lookup

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    Dear all,

    I never created public synonym for functions nor packages before, and now I need to create one if it is not there. However, I do not know where to look up for the public synonym for functions or packages. The dictionary view of DBA_SYNONYMS is for tables only, can anyone suggested where I can look up? Also which dictionary view table I can look up for existing functions and packages?

    This is urgent, any help will be greatful!


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    Dba_objects will list you all the objects(functions and packages included) in database.

    all_objects describes all objects accessible to the user.

    USER_OBJECTS describes all objects owned by the current user.
    -- Dilip

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    Sorry, my fault! I over looked at the funcitons from all/dba/user_synonyms view table. I have found what I am looking for there.

    Patel_dil, thanks for your help!

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