b* tree index vs no full table scan
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Thread: b* tree index vs no full table scan

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    Hi ,

    I have a table with 680K rows of data. This table has a very low cardinality on 2 columns that are used in join statement on some reports. I'm running on 7.3.4 and compatibility in inti.ora is set to, therefore I cannot use bitmap index (ideal for low cardinality). Should I just leave the tables as is to execute full table scan or must I create a B* Tree index. Which would be more effecient.


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    I think you are correctly thinking by assuming that full table scans will be faster than Index lookups because of low cardinality. The bottom line is that a certain percentage threshold of retrieved rows is indeed faster in FTS than index -I believe the threshold is (ahmmmmm???...) 20%?

    two things:

    1. analyze the table(s) with compute statistics and see what the CBO chooses.

    2. use the /*+ RULE */ hint and force a FTS then,
    use the /*+ RULE */ hint and force an Index scan

    see which performs better. In other words:

    Bench mark!!!!
    Bench mark!!!!
    Bench mark!!!!
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