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    We have some issues about sqlldr. Our roles are set default to none and when we login to sqlplus or any application, we set role in order to run the appliations. And there is a problem running sqlldr since I can't set role after i'm in the sqlldr utility. So my question is

    1) Can I SET ROLES in sqlldr in Sun Solaris?

    2) Can I run sqlldr from sqlplus from Sun Solaris?

    for ex: from unix, I type sqlplus
    I'm in the sqlplus> can I run sqlldr here?

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    Maybe you can use in sqlplus the command host to run sqlldr

    Host: It is used for running OS commands in sqlplus



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    ok....this is what's going on.

    from unix:
    1. sqlplus
    2. username/password
    3. sqlplus> SET ROLE role_name;
    4. sqlplus> role set.
    5. sqlplus> host sqlldr
    6. but when you are in sqlldr they ask for username and password again. once I type username and password again, Is my role still set or not? If I type in username/password again inside the sqlldr, am I in same session as sqlplus or not?

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    Originally posted by gaegoori

    Can I run sqlldr from sqlplus from Sun Solaris?
    Yes, but it is not straightfoward. Install JVM and follow the instructions at http://www.oracle-base.com/Articles/...sFromPLSQL.asp

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