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Thread: cache hit ratio

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    Apr 2002
    can somebody give the query to find the average cache hit ratio ?

    How to calculate it.

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    Jul 2002
    REM Checks database buffer hit ratio:
    REM Hit Ratio= ( 1- (physical-reads/(db-block-gets+consistent-gets) ) )
    spool buffer
    select s1.value "Db block gets",
    s2.value "Consistent gets",
    s3.value "Physical reads",
    round(100*(1-(s3.value/(s1.value+s2.value)))) "hit %"
    from v$sysstat s1, v$sysstat s2, v$sysstat s3
    where s1.name='db block gets'
    and s2.name='consistent gets'
    and s3.name='physical reads'

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    Question ********graphical way**********

    : without above coding there is no graphical way to get the hit ratio?!

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