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Thread: Getting practical hands on DBA experience

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    Would like to know if anyone can recommend a workbook/simulator that can be used in a home enviroment which

    1. Reflects the tasks we will be undertaking as qualified DBAs.
    2. Gives us a better understanding/grounding of the theory.
    3. Tests what we think we know/can do.
    4. Reveals some of Oracles quirkyness or user pitfalls.

    I have the Sybex certification set which I find quite good but would like something more practical to ram home the theory as multiple choice Qs certainly don't do this. There is a huge difference between being able to pass the OCP tests and being useful in a real DBA enviroment where you may be surrounded by other IT profs who want answers.

    Appreciate any feedback

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    south africa
    there are many out there in the market, as far as oracle real environment and to carry out the day to day stuff you can refer the following.these helped a lot when i switched from plsql programmer to DBA

    1/Oracle 24x7 Tips and Techniques by venkat s devraj
    2/Oracle DBA 101

    OCP :

    Use oracle ILT's and STS, they are the best....

    Good luck...

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