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    I have two database on same machine.
    Server Name: Horizon2
    Database Names: SPSI and TPSI
    Oracle Version: 8.0.5

    We need to move this two database to another machine(Server) PSI.

    In a new server(PSI)
    - Installed Oracle
    - Created database SPSI and TPSI
    - Import data resp.

    Upto this face password is not required for internal user.

    FI: parameter REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE = execlsive

    Then we chaned the server name PSI to HORIZON2.

    After this I am not able to logon to internal user. it is asking for password.

    I can start and stop database using database services.

    Is any way to for logon into internal user. or I have to change paramter REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE to NONE


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    Check your OS user is in the DBA group.. or create password file entry

    Thomas Saviour(
    Technical Lead (Databases)
    Thomson Reuters (Markets)

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