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    I've increased the number of process from 50 to 200 to 350 to 500. This is I'm doing when I receive a 'Number of process exeeded error'. I feel I can't keep on increasing in this manner.

    How to solve it permenantly? I found lot of sessions are inactive and they are not getting vanished for long time?

    If in an application let us take 1000 Concurrent users are connecting, what should be the value of process parameter? Or is it advisable to configure the database in MTS?

    Could any expertise throw some light on it?

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    I would consider using MTS, especially if you expect the amount of users to increase. MTS is excellent for scalability and helps make better use of resources.

    Just because sessions are inactive, it doesn't mean that the user has logged out, it simply means that a user is in an idle state, not requesting any processing.

    Here is some info on managing Oracle processes.
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    If you have 1000 users connecting (with dedicated servers), you need at least 1000 processes.
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