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Thread: Problem with the TOAD

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    I was getting a strange error from TOAD, When I atrying to invoke TOAD iam getting an error "specified module could not be found"

    i uninstalled & reinstalled TOAD and oracle client also.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hmmm. Strange. Not much on Quest about this specific one but they do have something pretty close to it. Worth a try maybe:

    The registry is pointing to an incorrect path where Formatter Plus.exe and its Options.

    If the Uninstall Formatter Plus and TOAD options are available:

    The easiest and safest way to correct this problem is to do following three steps.
    1. Custom Uninstall of Formatter Plus
    2. Custom Uninstall of TOAD
    3. Re-installation of TOAD

    Upon the re-installation of TOAD, Formatter Plus will be re-installed properly in the registry.
    It is important that the uninstall of Formatter Plus is completed prior to TOAD's uninstall.

    To do a custom uninstall of an application:
    1. Obtain your authorization key and site message.
    Copy the authorization key and site message to another location, to be referred to later.
    2. Uninstall application.
    From Window's Settings > Control Panel > Add /Remove
    From the listing of installed products, find and select desired application.
    Click on Add/Remove.
    In uninstall application, select Custom.
    Click on "Select All" to highlight entire list.
    Repeat the previous step until uninstall process is complete

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