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    Feb 2001
    Hi all!

    Hope all well at your end!

    I had been trying to import around 2GB worth of migrated data from export dump file with all the default database settings except with:
    1.PROCESSES = 100.
    2.SHARED POOL SIZE = 40mb.
    3.Users = 30+

    I had created a fresh database on WIN'2000 OS box but the Import process took me nearly 4 Hours to complete.In addition to that,SCOTT schema was not created and Oracle sql*plus is not at all connecting to the server through any of the client machines.Only on the server am I able to connect the database sql*plus.

    What could be the problem.I have to configure this new Imported DB tomorrow for the programmers at any cost.

    Every time I try to connect through client machines I keep on getting the error :TNS test did not succeed(Through net easy config).I have even
    tried manually in the tnsfile but no result.

    I had created the database for import purpose through database configuration assistant with Custom Option.Check Box for MTS was selected.Whether this could be the problem for the client machines not being able to connect to the server I wonder!

    Now please let me know where I had gone wrong and why the import was so slow that it took me nearly 4 hours to import 2GB worth of data!

    Thanks & Regards,

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Oracle DBA (OCP) v8i,v9i

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    Your tnsnames.ora is configured wrong or your listener is not up.
    Jeff Hunter
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    Check if you can;

    1) Ping the database server IP address or hostname
    2) tnsping database

    3) Make sure listener is up and running on Oracle server
    4) Check how your TNSNAMES.ORA is set.

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