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    I have to create close to 25 users on 3 instances and I have a list of user names. I am trying to
    run the below queries hoping to enter the username only once when i run the script, but this does not work.
    How do I modify the sql to do that? (Interactive on the prompt)..


    create user &1 identified by &1
    default tablespace aapdata
    temporary tablespace aapdata
    quota unlimited on aapdata;

    alter user &1 quota 0 on system;

    grant connect to &1;

    grant cgaap_user to &1;


    Secondly, I can know the available roles from dba_roles, and I know the users and their roles through
    user_role_privs.granted_role, but how do i see the privileges for the same (which view?)..
    I can see the same in TOAD, but not SQL Plus..

    Thanks, ST2000

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    If you are running the script in a single sqlplus session you will need to UNDEFINE 1 each time otherwise it will use the first entered value each time.

    Not sure what your asking for in the second question

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    For your second questions:

    Granted Roles :

    Granted System Privs:

    Granted Tables Privs:

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    When I put the whole thing in a script and run, as you suggested, I still have to type the user's name that many times I have "&"..

    For my second query, I suggest that please go to dba_roles and choose one role that you created, and go to dba_user_roles to see what privileges that granted role has (like connect, resource default roles, and any other roles created). Through which view are u able to see those roles.

    Thanks, ST2000

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    What is undefine and how do i use that in my script..

    Please modify my script..

    Thanks, ST2000

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