We have an environment where we have ~1200 users connecting to the db using an application vended from Citrix Servers. We have 10 Citrix Servers in the pool and they are load balanced. We also use MTS on the database.

The problem is, we keep getting Virtual Circuit Waits (as long as 5-10 minutes) on some sessions. We've worked with Oracle on this and have applied patches, reconfigured MTS, etc. But we still have the problem. As it turns out, the seesions that sit in the Virtual Circuit wait are ALWAYS from the same 4 of the 10 servers.

Has anyone else ever had Virtual Circuit problems? Any idea what could be wrong/different about 4 of the 10 that cause this?

I was just curious to see if anyone else had seen this or knew of a possible cause. I'm hesitant to tell Oracle about it because then they'll just close the TAR and say it's a Citrix problem.