I have a script which is used to take export backup of one table ,
it is working when I execute at command prompt


but when I put in crontab, it is not running.so I am checking
error in mail that it is not able to find exp.

below is my shell script.

My Backup script is bkup.ksh

$more bkup.ksh

cd /export/home/ibbusr1
dumpfile=rbswrd1-`date '+%d%m%Y'`.dmp
logfile=rbswrd1-`date '+%d%m%Y'`.log
exp ibba/password@rbswrd1 file=/export/home/ibbusr1/$dumpfile tables='credit_limit' log=/export/home/ibbusr1/$logfile

My cronjob entry is

$cronjob -l

0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * /export/home/ibbusr1/bkup.ksh

In my mail


Your "cron" job on ccdev3

produced the following output:

/export/home/ibbusr1/bkup.ksh[7]: exp: not found

Thanks in advance.