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    Jul 2002
    Hi ,

    Does any one have any script , to find out how much Rollback segment used by which user, which rollback segment is used, how much space is available etc.



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    Oct 2000
    select substr(r.name,1,10) name, r.usn, e.extents, s.sid, substr(s.username,1,10) username, s.logon_time,
    s.status, t.start_time, t.status, t.used_ublk, substr(s.program,1,20) program, s.command
    from v$transaction t ,v$rollname r , v$rollstat e, v$session s
    where r.usn = t.xidusn
    and t.xidusn = e.usn
    and t.addr = s.taddr
    order by r.name

    See v$rollstat to see how extents are used by rssize, hwm and extends.. for active transactions, use xacts > 0

    Thanks, ST2000

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