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    Jul 2002
    In my oracle web server, there is a log file under the log directory about 79MB (logger.err) file. Can I delete this system created file or how to reduce the size of this file.

    os- WINDOWS NT 4.0
    OWS oracle web server 4.0.8

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    Exclamation U can delete the log file

    hi venki,

    you can drop yr log files under some criteria:
    1)you should find out whether it is system created or you
    have created for yr own database creation.
    2)for both the cases you cannot delete yr log files
    because of initial bg process(lgwr)log writer
    3)after the creation of database ,whatever log files that you have created can be dropped or size can be changed

    minimum of two log files you need for ur database.

    Heyyyy Venki,

    If your database have more than two log files then you can delete it.If your file contains any member(group) files then delete the members first and then delete the logger.err file.

    Syntax for deleting the files:

    Alter database
    drop logfile 'c:\oracle\oradata\dir123\logger.err';

    To delete its members

    Alter database
    drop logfile member

    This deletion is database level only.After deleting in database level you have to delete the files in physical level(or) OS level

    ie delete the from c:\...\...\...\xxxx.err

    then only it will be permanantly removed.


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    thanks lot balaji

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    what will happen if i delete the physical file and created a dump file with same name.?

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    Originally posted by venkateskg
    what will happen if i delete the physical file and created a dump file with same name.?
    How do you relate these 2 activities??
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    Have you had a look what is inside the error logfile.

    It is most probably a dump of an error lgwr produced.
    Have you cheked your alert log for any issues ?

    I don't know why you are being told to drop your logfiles, logger.err is NOT a logfile (unless you created it with that name, which I doubt very much).

    You need to establish what the reason was for that logger.err file being created and decide whether it is something you need to investigate.

    If you decide that there is no issue, by all means delete the error file produced. If you are not sure, I suggest you log a TAR with oracle.

    There is no need to go dropping and recreating your logfiles unnecessarily. It's like saying :
    'ooooh I got an error 0600, I know I'll recreate my database.'

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