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    Hi there,

    Help needed in setting up Japanese Database.
    I created database with UTF8 character set on Sun Solaris O/S.
    Oracle version 8.1.7.
    I am accessing the DB through SQL*Plus (Windows client).
    I downloaded the Japanese font on client side and also set the NLS_LANG environment variable to Japanese_Japan.UTF8. Still, I am not able to view Japanese characters. O/S on client side is Windows 2000 professional (English). Is O/S (client) need to be Japanese O/S? When I try to retrieve sysdate, its displaying in Japanese but not all characters in Japanese. Can anyone help me out how to set up the client and is there any parameters to be setup at server side? I also tried to insert japanese characters into table through client, but it displaying as "?????" characters. Any help in this regard is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    We tried two japanese NLS_LANGUAGE settings :


    I can't remember which one worked. It's been more than 2 years. But you can try both. Also we had Japanese Windows System to view Japanese characters. I'm not sure if just Japanese fonts would help. The underlying data in the database does not change. It's just how you view it.

    It was important that the character set setting portion of this parameter (e.g. AL24UTFFSS) be the same as that defined during the creation of the database. What needs to change is the LANGUAGE and TERRITORY settings, depending on the data being accessed.

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