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    I have installed on a Win2k machine. The oracle install went fine.

    I created a new Db - WATER using the db config assistant. Everything went fine, I even screen printed the confirm box.
    global db name: WATER
    db Sys Id: WATER
    SYS acct. p\w: change_on_install
    SYSTEM acct p\w: manager

    I was in DBA STUDIO and could access every drill down on the manager. I shutdown the DB, I logged out of the DBA STUDIO and

    When I try to log in system\manager won't work, when I log in with SYS\CHANGE_ON_INSTALL I can create tables but when I try to open the TABLES ( or any tab on the left ) it sez ORACLE NOT AVAILABLE.
    I CAN'T DELETE the Db to try again.

    I have been thru mounds of documentation and scoured the boards...WHAT AM I MISSING? WHY CAN'T I GET BACK IN and manage the db? WHERE ARE MY passwords?

    I have checked the SERVICE ON in the ADMIN asst for windows, I have checked the TNSNAMES.ORA file, it's fine and I can get into the SQL*PLUS and log in.


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    Did you try setting ORACLE_SID=WATER at the command prompt in Windows and login to the database ? Your Oracle.exe process is running in the task manager process list ?

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    Thank you SREDDY

    I'm not an idiot....BUT, I think I missed something

    I Installed the software, NP, I created a DB (WATER), NP, I have the Service turned on in the ADMIN FOR WINDOWS console, NP, I have an entry in my TNSNAMES.ORA file, NP, I opened the DB went into the NET8 config utility and when I test my connection I get CONNECTING...TEST SUCCESSFUL.

    BUT I regedit|find|ORACLE_SID= and get no hits and
    in DBA STUDIO|INSTANCE|SESSIONS I still get ORACLE not available

    mmmm...If my listener is active & my Service is started
    WHY CAN'T I GET to the db from DBA STUDIO?

    WHERE do I use set ORACLE_SID=WATER?


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    On NT: Right click My Computer - Properties - Environment - User Variable:
    Enter ORACLE_SID in the Variable field and enter the name of it in the Value field.

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    Thanks STECAL -
    I'm on Win2k, but I found the enviroments tab and added the ORACLE_SID= per your directions.

    O.K.> WHY did I have to start|mount|open the db with the SYS\CHANGE_ON_INSTALL and then re-connect with SYSTEM\MANAGER to be able to see stuff?

    I'm just curious because I've spent the last day trying to figure this out.

    HAPPY 2 be connected...DBA_FROG

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    Do you have a password file? PwdSID_NAME.ora located in $ORACLE_HOME/database. How many users did you configure in it?

    You can drop the service and re-create it along with a new password file (don't worry - the database will be fine, shut it down first).

    DOS>oradim -delete -SID name_of_your_database

    Put this in a file with a .cmd extension, and then run it (or do each line separately at a command prompt)
    del d:\oracle\ora81\database\pwddb00.ora
    oradim -NEW -SID DB00 -INTPWD manager -entries=7 -STARTMODE a -PFILE d:\oracle\ora81\database\initdb00.ora

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