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    I exported the user U1 whos objects are in tablespace T1.
    Now I import the same to user U2 whose tablespace name is T2.

    All objects are getting imported. But I have one table with field LOB. It is showing error User U2 is not having quota on Tablespace T1.

    Infact I donot want to give quota to user U2 on Tablepsace T1.

    Any solution.

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    Wink Import LOB into different tablespace

    I think you have to create the table (with no rows) on the proper tablespace and then import the data with IGNORE=Y

    1. Get the creation script, user INDEXFILE option and set ROWS=N when import.
    2. Run the script to create table
    3. Import with IGNORE=Y option

    Queyon Zeng

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