(9i, Solaris)

We are running 3 tier web applications to our 9i dB. I have configured the dB strictly from the OLTP design (4k block size, etc). Now from the web, our customers are going to run reports. So, while we will have 30K DML's an hour from our on-line web systems, our customers might be doing FULL TABLE SCANS with HASH (or SORT/MERGES or NESTED LOOPS, etc) joins while this massive OLTP operations are running.

Initially, the report queries are running in seconds, BUT, my question is how will the FULL tablescans interact with 30K DML's per hour even if the FULL scans only take seconds to run?

I believe our hardware is very good (Sunfire 3800, 4x4) for the dB and (Sunfire v880 4x4) for the application tier. Oh, and we are also running Advanced Replication out to a remote site for D/R (another v880, 4x4).

Please share your thoughts.