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    My DB is in Archivelog mode on Oracle 8 (on win NT) and
    I am getting below warning message frequently since last 7 days.


    \orant\bin\oracle80.exe warning - The foolowing error occured during oracle redo log archival

    Oracle Instance ORCL - Can not allocate log,archival required.
    Press ENTER to acknowledge message


    After pressing enter it will continue.

    For which reason this warning messages and any solution for the same?

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    Apr 2000
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    It means that the log switches are taking place too frequently and the db cannot keep up with the archiving process. This is due to a large # of transactions taking place in the db. The solution is to increase the size of the redo log files. Size them in such a way that there are about 4 log switches every hour.

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    Your redologs are filling more frequently than Oracle can archive them to archival destination.

    Increase the size of redologs, but this may not solve the problem.
    You can increase the no. log groups also.

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