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Thread: ORA-03121

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    Mar 2002
    I'am trying to connect to my DB from business Object. I get this mssg error:
    Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-03121.

    I read in Oracle documentation:
    Action: If a user program caused the message, relink the program with current versions of the Oracle libraries.

    What should i do? I don't know how to link the program....

    Please help!

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    You can check the paths in .profile.

    export ORACLE_DOC


    I am not sure but setting the above paths may help.

    Hot to relink Oracle 8.1.x or 9.0.x
    Relink script is provided in the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory.
    % cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
    % relink ...this will display all of the command's options.
    usage: relink
    accepted values for parameter: all, oracle, network, client,
    client_sharedlib, interMedia, precomp, utilities, oemagent

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