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Thread: How to populate combo box with values of a table column?

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    Hi, I am working on create a combo box which show the list of values of a table column, do you know where to put the select query to populate the combo box?

    I know combo box is memoryless, how can I make the new value also appears in the list?


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    You can do a query to get the range of values and then do something like this:

    -- Set position values
    port_stposn := :model.model_port_st_posn;
    port_cap := :model.model_port_capacity;
    maxposn := port_cap + port_stposn - 1;

    -- Fill LOV with open positions
    item_id := Find_Item('ADD_BLOCK.ADD_POSITION');
    if NOT ID_Null(item_id) then
    -- Create list of all valid positions
    for i IN port_stposn..maxposn LOOP
    list_index := list_index + 1;
    end loop;

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