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Thread: FRM-40501 (Solution Required)

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    Let me explain the scenario of what i am doing

    I have 2 blocks.

    DataBlock & control block with only one field and a 'Update All' push button.

    When I enter any value in the Control Block field and press the push button it should update all the records in the Data block column value with Control Block value.

    Going to the scenario

    STEP 1) 'USER A' runs the form and queries for all the records.
    STEP 2) He then changes one of the column value in the data block

    STEP3) 'USER B' runs the same form and queries for all the records.
    STEP4) When enters some value in the control block field and presses the push button

    Gets the following error message 'FRM-40501' followed by
    'Could not resolve records (2 tries)'

    The above message is displayed for all the records in the main data block.

    So, can anyone please tell me a way to display the message only once and come out.

    I appreciate your help in advance.

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    Capture the error code in an on-error trigger and suppress it.

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    select primary key field from datablock control and set primary key value to yes.

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