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Thread: Oracle web-based reporting module

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    Anyone managed to get this working on Unix.

    I've run it no probs on W2k but cannot connect via the browser when the OMS is on unix (AIX 5.1).

    I have run through the setup correctly (oemctl configure rws, new passwd for reports_user etc etc) but just get:

    Generation of the report failed because a connection could not be made to the
    Oracle Management Server ibrisha_ms01. Ensure that the Oracle Management Server
    is running and that the webserver has been appropriately configured for
    Enterprise Manager Reporting.

    Currently waiting for Oracle UK to get 9.2.0 installed so they can try to recreate it! mmmmmm...

    Anyone had a similar problem?



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    I installed oracle 9.0.1 on sun aparc 5.8. It works fine. I have no problem to connect to management server from browser fro reporting.

    check management server status.

    oemctl status oms

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