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Thread: initial extent

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    hi guys,
    when exactly do we need to increase the initial extent?
    what difference does it make if the initial extent is increased or no?
    another question, if i increase the initial extent and i have set the pctincrease to a number greater than zero, does that mean that the next extents will grow also? ( i mean the extents already created), well i don't think so but i need to know for sure.

    Thanks in advance

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    Use locally managed tablespaces (LMT) and don't worry about extent sizes.
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    You can't increase the initial extent. Once set, that's it. Percent increase adds that much more to the next extent after the first next extent. With 50% as the default value, and you start with the first next at 40, the "next" one will be 40 plus 50% of 40 for a total of 60. Next one is 90, then 135, and so on. What a mess. As marist89 said, use LMT.

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