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    Hi all,

    We have started getting foll. errors all of a sudden in our Development database, which is in Oracle 81730 on Win NT.

    TNS-12500: TNS:listener failed to start a dedicated server process
    TNS-12540: TNS:internal limit restriction exceeded
    TNS-12560: TNSrotocol adapter error
    TNS-00510: Internal limit restriction exceeded
    32-bit Windows Error: 8: Exec format error

    This is in listener.log file.

    Phy.Mem of the server is 2.6 GB.
    SGA size is about 1 GB.

    This is a development server. So, there is not too much load also on this server.

    What could be the reason of this problem.

    Thanks in Adv.

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    Error: TNS 510
    Text: Internal limit restriction exceeded
    Cause: Too many files or sockets open simultaneously (or some other resource has been depleted).
    Action: For further details, trace the operation for protocol

    To increase the number of filehandles in non-paged memory you must increase physical memory on windowsNT. It appears that your user load has exceeded the capabilities of your current setup.

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