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Thread: How to logon toad as sys user in Oracle

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    Hello, Everyone,

    I have a question:

    I use Oracle 9i release2 in win 2k server. when I tried to logon in Toad as sys, toad prompt: you must logon user sys as sysdba or sysoper. I created a password file in SQL*PLus, and issued command: connect sys/... @... as sysdba, and then tried to logon in toad as sys, still the same propmt, so I can't login. Could anyone tell me how should I do if I want to logon in toad as user sys in Oracle ?
    (In Oracle 8i, I never met this problem)

    Thanks a lot!


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    Which release of TOAD are you using? You must have an old release of TOAD. Newer releases have a separate logon option where you can choose if you want to connect as NORMA, SYSOPER or as SYSDBA.

    From 9i on you can't connect as SYS without using AS SYSOPER/SYSDBA option, so unless you have a release of TOAD that enables you to choose it you won't be able to connect as SYS. You'll have to upgrade your TOAD.
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