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    About queston (sqlscript):
    If someboby ask forum "how i can include single special symbol in my select?"
    It's OK, He/she usually get aswer very quickly, without problems.
    This question not so simple as previous example!

    Mr. Pravin, did u try to write script for reingeneering trigger's code,
    all types of triggers( object triggers, db event triggers, dml event triggers,
    trigger on views ...) ?

    Structure on dba_triggers is'n simple, like dba_tables.
    field TRIGGER_BODY keep only body:
    and u must recreate trigger header from another field, and type of this process
    depend from type of trigger.
    because u can't use field DESCRIPTION directly, u must check type of
    trigger and type of base trigger object and rebuild field DESCRIPTION in script.
    and so on....

    About documentation:
    In documentation u can't find no one word about values of each field in
    dba_triggers table, but u can't write good script without values of fields
    in this particulate situation.
    U have to research this topic youself from real database.

    I'm sorry about this my post .


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    The Question was "to display all the triggers" Not to extract the source I Guess. People gets on this forum to answer and to get answered. The reason the thread was closed is to stop the quotes... but not answers. Moderators assumed that the question was answered and thread is going off topic...


    Let me tell you, go back a day and see the thread that member posted and the reason member gives when someone asked "can't you get it from documentation?". Thats what "Pando" meant by saying "Lazy People get what they deserve"

    Its little annoying when forum threads flooded with quotes... you know! Here I'm not supporting/discouraging anybody, but trying to encourage "kavithared" to take the advantage of available resources on the web prior to seeking help from others... If people misunderstand... nobody can help 'em...

    You have all the information that you wanted to know about the triggers if you follow the link I have provided and search with the string I have mentioned in kavithared "sqlscript" thread.

    [Edited by sreddy on 07-10-2002 at 01:16 PM]

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    if someone ask

    give me create table syntax
    give me create database link syntax
    give me create user syntax
    give me select syntax
    give .. etc etc etc

    if we first tell him/her
    go to tahiti.oracle.com and he still keep on asking these kind of questions or he says "I am too busy with my job schedule to look that" then of course he gets what he deserves

    What's faster? Post a question and wait for replay or enter a word in tahiti and get a good nice result set in 1 minute?

    I would understand if someone searched for the syntax and the syntax does not work (which is doubtful because Orace doco is probably one of best application documents avaibale with over 25000 pages)

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    U showed another problem of forum (not only this forum, all forums).
    "If you going to get right answer, ask right question".

    The Question "... to display all the triggers" and
    The Question "... to display list of all triggers"
    may be the same question may be different questions.

    I gess "... to display all the triggers" --> "... to display source code of all triggers"
    You gess "... to display all the triggers" --> "... to display list of all triggers"
    that is it.

    And this is the problem.

    I agree, that Oracle docs one of the best technical documentation.
    (may be just best).
    Some times this is very good, sometimes not.
    I remember my first weeks, when i begun to work with oracle docs.
    (it was oracle 5 and 6, and internet doesn't exists like now)
    Only thru 3-5 monthes i could search needed to me topics in it quicly.

    [Edited by Shestakov on 07-10-2002 at 02:29 PM]

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    I have just assumed that kavithared wanted to know the list of triggers in the schema.( Basically a view which lists the triggers) Its very unusall one wanted all the source of the triggers ( and Just triggers ) in a schema.

    Anyway, its good for a member to spend 2 to 3 minutes on the docs rather wait 5 minutes to get question answered here.

    Whenever we(you, me and all) post the links here, what do we do ? don't we search ? or what ?

    I just go by "Your effort is much more worth than somebody's effort for you"

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    shestakov that was really hard and offending for me on ur part

    The sql script thread was closed because QUOTES thing started it was leading to unknown destination, so jeff did a good thing of closing that thread, few days back when i posted question , quotes started and it was diverting from the topic, it is quite annoying when somebody answers in QUOTES and it goes on and on leaving actual answers behind .


    To read is the base of knowledge
    The nature of questions ALWAYS asked by kavitathared ( as of date ) in the support forums are very basic dba questions. (Query, syntax , concepts, tables ).
    One should make own attempts/ take pains first in finding the answers , also the dba support thread is grown very much , so if one does a search he/she might get a answer to that.

    Eat , Drink & Enjoy life -


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    Well said... The forums are not for homework answers or for those who do NOT perform initial research on their own. Forums should be utilized when someone exhausts their searches and is still unable to correct the problem. Whenever a thread is posted, reseach is usually performed by the individual responding (Although they might know the answer) to ensure correct information.

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    There is no other way of guarding oneself against flattery than by letting men understand that they will not offend you by speaking the truth; but when everyone can tell you the truth, you lose their respect.
    Niccolo Machiavelli (1469 - 1527), The Prince

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    Shestakov what u said is right

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    I am reading on this forum regularlyfor quite some time(more than 6 months). So far i did not post any question or reply. But I gained/learned so much by reading thru other posts and searching thru the links.
    I noticed Kavithared is posting all basic questions for which ans can be obtained easily
    thru simple search. May we should use forums to get the ans which we dont know, that does not mean
    jump onto the forum and post the question immediately for everything. I dont think guys answering in this forum are dont have any work to do. If any one posts silly questions again and again, he/she should be ready to get all kind of ans.
    Gayatri: Shestakov what u said is right
    I dont know what people like Gayathri doing in this technical forum??????
    I never seen any tech reply/post by her.

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