Good morning.
I have a subject.
I have a table (Customer) with the columns Code, numeric ,4 and Name varchar2 30
I have 4 tablespaces calls tab_1, Tab_2, Tab_3 and Tab_4.
In the table they will enter data and this data will be above partitioned in the tablespaces.
They put......
It would like that in the tablespace tab_1 were the data of 1 at 500 and 800 to 1200
In the tablespace tab_2 they were the data of 501 at 799 and 1201 to 1500
in the tablespace tab_3 they were the data from 1501 to 5000
and in the tablespace tab_4 they were the remaining ones.
for the that I saw myself it seems that the smaller clause than (less than) doesn't let to do me this arrangement.

Question: ??? I have as doing this particionamento type. It is been I have as I should do
I thank if he/she also gives me an example (script)