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    i have OPS installed. i have taken backup of Datafile,Control Files, Redo Log Files and Archive Files.
    On a seprate machine i restore all files and open the database in single instance mode. Then i want to apply the Archive Files of OPS database to restored database from the date the backup was taken.
    first it ask for thread 1 (instance 1) archive file and apply it but when it ask for thread 2 (instance 2) archive file it gives an internal error.
    i use recover database using backup controlfile command to apply archive log files.
    can anybody pull me out of this issue and guide me the steps to apply archive log files in such a environment.

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    Basically in OPS ,each node generates its own redo.First u have to restore all the datafiles,control-files and then u restore all the redo-logs from your backup into each node archive destination.Then on each node you mount the database and then give the restore database command on each node.Okay before doing this can u tell me the error which it throws.Waiting for u to update this issue.

    ROhit Nirkhe,Oracle/Apps DBA,OCP 8i
    Thanks and Regards
    Rohit S Nirkhe

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