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Thread: Select on SM$TS_Free very slow after patch

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    Selecting from certain DD views extremely slow after patch application. Selecting storage option from tree in DBA studio accesses same views and runs about 60 seconds before displaying tablespace space information.

    I recently patched two servers to, up from Before I had no difficulty selecting from any of the views owned by SYS, but after the patch install I have found one of the queries I typically use to calculate the amount of freespace in a TS 'hangs' for about 60 seconds before returning a result. The problematic view seems to be SM$TS_Free. Any query to this view takes about a minute, and I'm not certain what about the patch if anything would have affected this. I am concerned that other problems may exist that I have not yet encountered. I reran the catalog.sql and catsvrmg.sql scripts in hopes this would correct the issue, but it did not. Both databases were patched without any errors being displayed. One has the behavior, the other does not.

    The other unusual behavior I have noticed since the patch is that this database can have no users connected, I can issue a shutdown immediate, and it takes 8-9 minutes waiting for active calls to complete. If no long running jobs are occurring, and the v$session view shows only me and the background processes I do not understand why it would take such a long time to shutdown the database. I can shutdown immediate, startup normal, and at the instant the db is open shutdown immediate again and it still takes forever. Are there issues with causing these problems?


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    Interesting... In this case I would apply at once and see waht happens next.
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