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    When I try to create a table I am getting an
    ORA-01536: space quota exceeded error.

    I know the reason of this error. What I am wondering is
    there is no quota set for any tablespace for any user.

    ie. select * from dba_ts_quotas does not return any rows.

    But, I am getting this error frequently. In order to overcome this error I also assigned 'unlimited tablespace' privilege to that user but still it occurs frequently. Every time I have to give this privilege(approx. once in 2hrs).

    OS: Windows 2000
    Db version: Oracle9i.
    Tablespace: Locally Managed Tablespace.

    I feel that I am hitting a bug.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    No Replies.................
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    Here is what I suggest:

    Run as system:

    alter user HIS_NAME quota unlimited on THE_TABLESPACE_NAME;
    If it still does not work, then tell me: Have you revoked any roles? How about the RESOURCE role?
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