I have a simple CREATE_USER procedure that I wrote that allows users to create standardized schemas on our DBs. The procedure tales the parameter '"p_schema" for the new username and password, and the parameter "p_owner" identifies who is creating the user - for tracking and priviledge checking purposes.

create or replace procedure create_user
(p_schema varchar2,
p_owner varchar2)

My problem is that you can't use this schema to create a user/schema that has a name longer than 10 characters. Why is this happening? I'd assume that p_schema would take on the default values of varchar2?

I've tried assigning a %TYPE value to the variable like so:

p_schema tablename.column%TYPE
-- where tablename.column points to a varchar2(30)

But still I have the same 10 char limit? Any ideas... I would imagine that this is a pretty simple question.