Good day everyone.

Im planning to copy the datafiles of one database to another database.

eg. datafiles of devt dbase to test dbase

Here are the steps ive prepared:
1. alter database backup controlfile to trace (devt dbase)
2. shutdown immediate (devt dbase)
3. copy datafiles and logfiles to new location (devt dbase datafiles)
4. edit the database name, in the trace file, in the create control file section. From devt to test.
5. edit the location of datafiles and logfiles in the trace file
6. edit init.ora of target dbase (comment out control file parameter)
7. run the trace file in target dbase (test dbase).
8. edit init.ora of new dbase and redirect control file parameter to the newly created control file.

What concerns me is the create control file reuse database part of the trace file? What does the reuse stands for? Do i really have to run the create controlfile with the reuse option?
Another is the recover database part in the lower portion of the create control file? Do i have to run this also?

Thanks in advance.