FS-11084 in Verify Cluster of Oracle FailSafe
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Thread: FS-11084 in Verify Cluster of Oracle FailSafe

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    Hi everybody,
    I have a MS Cluster with two servers running Windows/2000 Advanced Server.
    On both servers I installed Oracle 8.1.7 and applied Patchset then So Oracle is at version
    I also Installed Oracle FailSafe 3.1.2.
    I followed very carefully all installation steps and get successful results in all documented verification tests.
    I also rebooted both servers after installing FailSafe, one after the other as the books says it should be.

    Everything is set and the thing should work.
    BUT... it doesn't...

    When I execute Verify Cluster I get FS-11084 as listed below:

    Starting clusterwide operation
    ** WARNING : FS-11084: Oracle Fail Safe is not installed on node SPDB002TLP
    ** WARNING : FS-11081: Node SPDB002TLP is not available for the specified operation. Operation continuing...

    I already don't know anymore where to look. And this thing doesn't seem to be willing to cooperate.

    Can anybody help with any hint ? ... as I said, I'm quite sure I didn't miss any of the basic install steps.

    What can I do for debugging ? Is there some way to trace what's going on ? To identify what's going wrong ?

    It's sad getting the messages without any better explanation than ... check the installation steps. I did this over and over and there's nothing wrong that I can see. It would really be good to get more info about what exactly Verify Cluster is doing to have a chance to understand what the cause of the failure is.

    Ah, I would like to mention that the message always complains for the node that doesn't have the cluster. Ex: If the resources are at SPDB001TLP then the message complains about SPDB002TLP and vice-versa. But this is simply not true. As I said, everything is there and to the best of my knowledge it is correct.

    Thank's in advance for any help. I think I really need it.

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    Has Microsoft clustered server (MCSC) been installed? Failsafe relies on MCSC. This needs to be installed and configured first before installing Failsafe.

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    Sorry I misread your post. You've already installed MSCS.

    Got this from metalink. This might help.

    Did you recieve any errors during your Failsafe installation? Did the Fail Safe service create? Are you recieving this error after your initial installation or was Fail Safe working previously? Did you install Oracle Fail Safe Server on ALL cluster nodes sequentially, one node at a time? Did you reboot after your first installation of Fail Safe into a new Oracle home on the cluster node? Did you verify that Oracle Fail Safe Is in the Cluster Group? You will want to make sure that you have successfully performed all of the pre-installation tasks and installation procedures as documented within the Oracle Fail Safe Installation Guide.

    Oracle Support Services

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