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    How do I exeute a stored procedure in the executor's security context in Oracle

    For example,
    I have a schema ECOMMERCE with table1, table2 and a procedure proc1.

    Proc1 may select, insert or update table 1 and table 2 based on input parameter.

    I created another user APPUSER which only has select rights for table1 and table2. I grant this user the rights to execute ECOMMERCE.proc1

    When I login to Oracle as APPUSER and execute proc1 with parameters to insert rows into table1 and table2, the rows are inserted.

    It seems to me that when APPUSER executes the procedure proc1, the Oracle use ECOMMERCE's security context instead of APPUSER's security context.

    Is there a way to turn this around in Oracle 8i? I want APPUSER to ble able to only select from table1 and table2 through the procedure proc1 without rewriting the procedure.


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