I have Oracle 9i ( Enterprise Edition installed on a Windows 2000 box. On this same box, I'm installing Oracle 9iAS (

I'm unable to do this SUCCESSFULLY, in the sense that, having a lot of INVALID objects..., installation errors out..., etc.,

The various procedures I followed are as follows...

Procedure 1:
a) Install 9i db without http and OEM components
b) 9iAS install - failed with ORA - 00600 internal error

Procedure 2:
a) Install 9iAS
b) patch 1887405 (server & client)
c) 9i db install without http & OEM components
d) Portal Config - results in 74 INVALID objects & accessing the portal web page gives 'NO DAD CONFIGURATION FOUND'.
Moreover, the install log has a lot of errors...

Any pointers, step by step configuration/installation procedures from those who have done a SUCCESSFUL install?

Thanks & Regards.