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    Hi,several times a day, user's lost contact with the "Oracle SERVER" for a while when they are accessing the DB. Sometimes the connection returns quickly, but sometimes "affect the connection with the DB".
    * I think, the problem is with the " SERVER or NETWORKING ", because when you try to access it through Win Explorer you can't, and after a while, it's possible. The same thing happens with mappings to this server, sometimes are accessible and then not, and so on.
    A handicap, is that we don't have our Communication's Personnel (outsourcing), just in the moment when the problems come, to make a network's monitoring with a sniffer.The last time, they made it, said that nothing wrong was happening with the network. They aren't tracking the issue correctly, i think. The same thing with the Server's performance monitoring, is not tracked as it must.
    As result:
    " Every body point that the problem is the DATABASE ".

    *** The point is, that the database always is UP, have an acceptable performance,never hangs and the log and trace files, don't show nothing outstanding.
    The SPECS are:
    - SERVER: Compaq Proliant 2000, WinNT 4 (SP 6), 785 MB, (2)Pentium II/450Mhz, (4) Disks 9.1GB (Raid 5).
    - ORACLE: Oracle Server 8i(8.1.5), 400 MB (SGA), Shared Pool=250M (22% used of this),
    Hits Cache %: Diction.= 98%, Buffer=93%, Library Pin= 96%, Library Get=91%.

    So i'd like you can tell me, what do you think about it (it's Oracle causing the problem ?), if you know tools with options to monitor Oracle packages on the network, what server's components to monitor? , and so on.
    I hope you can help me, best regards.

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    If I were you, I will question myself how stable is my network.
    When user lost connection does he see any oracle error. I guess user should get end of communication channel ora-3113 etc...

    ANy specifics on what kinda messages does user see while they are experiencing these problems. I can't give you more details on looking at Server Side OS processes/ networking stats etc., as its not UNiX.

    If you think network is stable look at Oracle Net8 specifics and parmeters and net8 tracing and see the connection is consistant or not...

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    if ur connection terminates,try to ping to the server.If you get "request time out" message then its with network and not with ur database.


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    Exactly, if i try to make a ping to the server, the answer is: a "request time out". Even, if you try to access it by Win Explorer, you can't.

    I think the problem is with the network or maybe with the Server, but the communication's people don't think so, because they are making the check for a little period of time (minutes). They don't recollect enough information with the sniffer, for a long period (3 or 4 hours) to then analize it, as it must be.
    Maybe the server can have a problem, don't think so ?

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    If the ping is being timed out how the n/w guys can say that there is nothing wrong with the n/w???


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    Database never make you to get out...it may not let you in depending on the processes value.
    like most of the problem solved by env setup...
    most of the connection problem by network...

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