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    Is the license that we purchase - is for "Oracle Installation" or Database.

    We have a production licence for 40 users. I want to use the same media to set up a test environment, would that be a breach of contract.


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    Most likely, that would be a license violation. Your best source would be your Oracle sales rep.
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    Normally your license covers you for an installation of the software on 1 machine - You are able to create many instances/databases on that machine as long as the number of users does not exceed your license.
    A standard license does not normally cover you for installations on multiple machines ie 4 installations on seperate machines each having 10 users would not be covered by your 40 user license.

    I presume (as you state you want to use the same media) that your test environment is on a different machine and therefore would not be covered by your production license.

    Hope this makes sense.


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