I'm testing PWD management in Ora 8i (8.1.5) running on NT4.

I created a pwd profile and assigned it to a user (User X) when I created the user. It had all default values (as shown in DBA_PROFILES) except PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME which I set to 30. I wanted to check the expiration so I reduced this to 1 day using the ALTER PROFILE command. I did this logged in as SYSTEM.

When I logged in as this user I got the error msg:

ORA-28002: the password will expire within 24855 days

Ok - I hadn't set the PASSWORD_GRACE_TIME parameter. When I did set this to 5 days I still got the error message as before.

Also - although SQL*Plus still says that I have connected (which is right, the error is only a warning of the grace period) when I issue a SHOW USER command it still shows me connected as SYSTEM - the user I was logged in as before I connected as User X.

However - I am actually connected as User X as I have no SYSTEM privileges when I try and use them.

I'm confused.