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    We have an application written in C++ using an Oracle database on a Windows 2000 server that keeps getting an Ora-01043 error message. The Oracle explanation of the error is "The application code corrupted some of the user memory used by Oracle". When we get the error message, a select statement is being performed. We are not sure what is happening or where because the database is still functioning fine. Other users as still connected. No space issues. Nothing. Nothing shows up in the alert.log either. What happens is the application just simply stops running and the "user" connected to the database just disappears.

    Has anyone experienced this before or could anyone offer any suggestions? I have no clue as to what to look for to help solve this problem


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    Error: ORA 1043
    Text: user side memory corruption [], [], [], []
    Cause: The application code corrupted some of the user memory.
    Action: Make certain that the application code is not overwriting memory.
    Contact customer support.
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    There have been memory related problems in
    But you have

    If patch is available on NT, you should probably go for it.
    Sridhar R Patnam

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