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    I have a win2000, 8.1.7 database on my laptop. It is a test database with minimal activity. When I issue shutdown immedate it says, database closed and dismounted and hangs there. I had to close the service to shutdown the database.

    How long shutdown immedate normally take? I have the db in archivelog mode. Is there any other alternative other than abort?

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    shutdown immediate doesnot take much time.
    First instance shutdown , database dismounted and after few seconds then u get database closed.
    should not take much time. ?

    but Do u have more than one instances in ur laptop?

    just try connecting to correct nstance.
    then go to svrmgrl prompt and give connect internal
    and tnen issue shutdown immediate

    Before that just query v$session to see what processes are still running.


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    Shutdown immediate disconnects all user sessions and rollback uncommitted transactions. It also causes SMON to clean up temp segments and coalesces free space.

    So, either give it a time to complete what it is doing or do a SHUTDOWN ABORT and then a SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE, which is not always advisable in a production dbs.

    Also, size your TEMP tablespace to reduce creating many small extents, which will speed up SMON work.


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