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    Dear Sir,

    I have a total sga size of around 36% of my ram (on advanced server 2000). What is the maximum allowable size of the total ram (% share of total memory) can the sga have (as a thumb rule). I need to know this as I will have to increase the buffers for a greater hit ratio.



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    I read somewhere that Oracle recommends a maximum of 70% of the total availiable RAM but it really depends on what else you have running on the box, and how many connection you are likely to have. You need to ensure you don't increase the size beyond the amount of physical memory as paging will seriously effect performance.


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    Dear Sir

    I think in unix one can have an SGA size of aroung 55% to 60% and not more that that for reasons as you say, and in a windows environment it is lesser than that. Ofcourse one should take other parameters before increasing the buffers, I precisely need to know the maximum percentage as a rule of thumb.


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