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Thread: average salary with OCP

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    One more point to note :

    The kind of technical insight you get when you research and find the resolution to any problem on your own is totally different from somebody giving you the solution/answer like in forums. One learn much about the topic when they investigate the issues/problems... than simply get the answer from someone.

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    I believe that it is good have both experiences and OCP. To some people, they passed the
    exam like a piece of cake. For me, it's not. I put a lot effort in these exams. From life
    experiences, I have seen people w/ years of experiences and w/o degree and OCP and they
    couldn't apply the positions that they want to due to requirement of degree or OCP. Or their
    employers would not increase their salaries because they didn't have the degree. How do you feel
    if you are in one of these cases?

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    When times get hard I can see why companies start asking for Degrees and certification simply because it's a way of reducing the numbers of applicants from thousands to hundreds. Is it necessary for the job? No!

    Education to degree level helps people develop mentally but I don't think it's strictly necessary or better than specific job training. I have a degree in biology and PhD in molecular biology (genetic engineering). How can that help me as a DBA? I suppose it did help when I was designing the database for Jurasic Park. Lucky I got out before it all kicked off.

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    Very truly said tim.
    I have a degree in Nautical Science where I learned everything under the sun. Spherical trigonometry, Telecommunications(GMDSS, all kinds of satA,B,M,)meteorology,you name it.)
    I've learned that stuff more than anyother regular sailorboy bloke. And I've practiced it hard at my work.
    Today I sit with inspectors and senior advisors but I've learned & practiced that stuff so well that I don't need to check the IMO documentation to know what has to be done.

    My career change option was planned as well and learning oracle has been a great experience.If I look at the IT market today it might seem shaky evertime outsourcing companies are busy restructuring, laying off. But I'm confident that I'll find a suitable place someday where I can be a real dba(as I posted in my very first threads when I joined this forum) and developer. OCP will definitely help me get inside and my continued effort to keep learning will pay when I'm in there.

    If your foundation has been laid on solid basic fundamental knowledge , you've got a good start.


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