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Thread: how to restart adctrl utility?

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    im trying to run adctrl utility, i got the below err

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    AD Controller error:
    The following ORACLE error:

    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    occurred while executing the SQL statement:

    SELECT control_code, status, context, filename
    FROM fnd_install_processes
    ORDER BY worker_id

    BUT WHEN I SEARCH THRU METALINK i got this solution!


    Create the FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES synonym:

    1. Connect to SQL*Plus as APPS user

    2. Run the following SQL statement:

    create synonym fnd_install_processes for applsys.fnd_install_processes;

    3. Restart Adctrl utility

    i had created synonym..but donot know how to restart adctrl utility

    pl let me know.


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    Check at metalink document: Maintaining Oracle e-Business Apps.
    I believe you have there how to start and restart adctrl utility.
    Try this:
    -Open DOS
    -Navigate to %APPL_TOP%\ADMIN
    -Locate and call adctrl.exe
    -Restart (yes).

    I hope this helps you.

    C. K.
    Apps DBA
    (In all you're doing, seek divine wisdom)

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    and further to this when you start adctrl utility. you restart the worker which failed when you were running this utility earlier.
    and then it goes on from there.

    read the log file of this worker in log directory of the dbname

    i am sure this will help

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