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    im trying to alter the db domain of my database. Oracle automatically set it to us.oracle.com, so that my database is called dwora.us.oracle.com!
    I now want that is ony is dwora!
    How can i manage this problem? Do i have to change any parameters? I cant find any settings where us.oracle.com is listed!


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    The values you will need to change are:

    SERVICE_NAME and DB_DOMAIN and can be changed in the init.ora.

    You may also need to modify your listener and tnsnames setup.

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    the problem i have with the domain of my databaseis as followed:
    My database is called dwora2 and i want to connect to another database called dwora. after i created a database link (create database link dwora connect to...) oracle says the link is called dwora.us.oracle.com
    The same thing happens when i look at the global name of dwora2 (it is then dwora2.us.oracle.com)
    as you may see my problem is that oracle adds the "us.oracle.com"?
    When i look at the init.ora my domain parameter is db_domain = ""
    In the sqlnet.ora there are no such parameters?

    Does anyone know how to change this behavior?


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