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    Whats the difference between an Index Oraganized table, a Table with a Btree Index and one with a bitmap Index.

    Under what circumstances should each be used ??



    You can if you think you can.

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    Article on IOT's:

    From Oracle8i DBA Bible by Gennick -

    B*Tree indexes:
    Good choice for most uses as they
    -maintain the sort order of the data, making it easy to look up range data
    -multicolumn indexes: you can use the leading edge columns to resolve a query, even if that query doesn't reference all columns in the index
    -they automatically stay balanced
    -performance remains relatively constant
    - can also specify reverse and unique

    Bitmapped indexes:
    -use them to index columns with that contain a relatively small number of distinct values
    -they are compact, saving space
    -were designed for query intensive databases, so not recommended for OLTP databases
    -not good for range scans
    -are available only in Enterprise Edition

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